Tasty Holiday Additions

December 6, 2019 - Inspiration

How can you make the most wonderful time of the year even better? Switch up your dinner party! Follow these recipies, or should I say equations, of "Simple Holiday ADDitions" to spice up the fruits and vegetables at your party!

Candy Canes - Holiday Additions Blog Post

Strawberry-Banana Candy Canes

Slice up both strawberries and bananas into little discs, alternate fruits while arranging them in a candy cane shape.

Broccoli Tree - Holiday Additions Blog Post

Broccoli Trees (with peppers and tomatoes)

Arrange the broccoli florets in the shape of a tree, cutting pepper as tinsel and using cherry tomatoes as ornaments.

Santa Hats - Holiday Additions Blog Post

Strawberry-Banana Santa Hats

Stack strawberries without leaves on top of banana discs for this cute, but simple treat.

Watermelon Trees - Holiday Additions Blog Post

Christmas Tree Watermelon

Use a Christmas tree cookie cutter (or whatever holiday shape you like) to make watermelon slices festive!

Kiwi Trees - Holiday Additions Blog Post

Kiwi Christmas Tree

Layer kiwi slices with pomegranite seeds and top with a pineapple star.

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By Caroline Voigt